WORD UP | on gender

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gender roles, gender roles, gender roles.
everywhere, all the time.

but i think this:
gender ain't that easy.


here are some of my beliefs:

the genitals you are born with do not define your gender at all.
everyone should be free to choose with which gender they want to be identified with. (and be allowed not choose any)
other people should respect the decision and address each other with pronouns according to that.

the concept of two genders, aka gender binarism, is bullshit.
is there a 100% girl or a boy? and what actually is the 100%, true, proper girl or boy? just a myth. no one like that exists anyway.
so why should people be forced to fit in these two frameworks?
wouldn't everything be much easier if we would not care about gender?
like, i never understand why people have the need to guess and discuss which gender other people are if they are a bit more androgynous for example. what difference does it make? does it suddenly change the way you perceive the person, does it change their personality? no.
dropping gender pronouns and using just a neutral one would be so helpful, right?
also, i do not get those super-straight people who say stuff like 'if i were a boy, i'd be into you' (girl to a girl) or the other way around. why can't you? what restricts you? the society's rules that you should be attracted to the opposite gender only? bullshit bullshit bullshit. i personally do not care about gender / genitals as long as i really like someone; and it makes everything much easier.


luckily, a lot of things are changing lately. though they're still not perfect, there's a huge shift towards a more open-minded, gender-careless society.
it's great that these topics are actually being discussed so much now literally on all media.
(shout-out to Damian for such an awesome blog)
fingers crossed.


  1. "dropping gender pronouns and using just a neutral one would be so helpful, right?"

    total suhlas suhlas <3

  2. <3333 po tom masaker clanku v Respekte aspon nejake pohladenie na dusi :)