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a while ago, i took the even-more-minimalist pledge and promised i'd be posting updates.
so, here's the first one:

majority of people take minimalism from the aesthetical point of view only. they see monochromatic colours, clear lines, empty spaces, lack of something perhaps. that is true; and i am a huge fan of the aesthetics myself.
but minimalism can also be pursued from the economic, consumerist, philosophical, ecological point of view.
minimalism is basically about a mantra, that is to have less, which can be applied to anything basically.

well, we sorted that one out, now to the main idea of this post.
as i move from country to country / travel a lot, being the minimalist consumer is somewhat of necessity.
a) baggage restrictions
b) money
if you've never moved abroad (or even within your own country) several times per year, you probably cannot imagine how much money you lose with each moving. let me tell you - a lot. it's deposits, transport, extra fees for luggage, all the household products you need, buying the basic food you'll have for longer time, room decoration,... it's hella lot of things you splurge your money on when you move. (just recently i realized i could have actually bought a small second hand car for all the money i had spent on moving, unreturned deposits and other fun stuff if i had stayed in the Czech Republic, ha)
but, the thing is, i don't want to give up on that. even if it's hard and costly, i still want to spend my savings on exploring new places than staying at home.
so, naturally, i need to adjust to that.
minimize the belongings, minimize the spending.
here's how i do it.
economically, ecologically and without excessive possessions.

stay solid.
solid cosmetics are saving my life. a) they take up a very small space, b) they can't spill in your bag, c) they last long, d) they are much more eco-friendly because they come without the unnecessary plastic packaging.
considering the picture, it's (from L to R): Lush Aromaco deodorant, Alverde lavender soap, Lush Sultana of Soap, Lush Jason & the Argan Oil shampoo (100% tutti frutti, aaah), coconut oil (okay, that's not 100% solid all the time, but it's great and multifunctional and lasts forever) and a simple pumice stone (fuck those with plastic handles etc, so unnecessary!)

build your own basic wardrobe.
you know all that fuss about the French wardrobe made of a few, simple but classy pieces? there's something about it. but the thing is, you don't have to stick to boring black-beige-navy-white and little black dress and sailor-like striped t-shirts. just create your own basics, in any style you like. for example, my real basics i couldn't live without atm are: black t-shirts of all kinds (turtleneck, long sleeves, short sleeves, crop tops, t-shirt dress etc), some glitter stuff (= a turtleneck and one sweater-like top), some mesh stuff, a bomber, a raincoat, a winter jacket, a light sweater, regular sweater, a black skirt (i have 2 atm), shorts, jeans / pants, doc martens, a bumbag, a backpack, black socks and black lace underwear. i'm wearing the same stuff over and over but i don't care, i feel great in the clothes and that's the only thing that matters. seriously, if someone cares, well, fuck them.
to sum up, the key is to find out what your style is and in which clothes you feel the best. get rid of the rest. fuck trends. fuck what people think. just wear what you want and buy what you need only.
all clothes on the picture are 2nd hand, tops from Humana, bumbag from Colours in BLN

don't toss the packaging.
decorating your room can be super-expensive, right? plus, if you have to do it several times per year, it's very eco-unfriendly to always buy new stuff. the trick is: re-use. buy cherry tomatoes / nectarines / pears / whatever, eat them and use the plastic box for organizing your stuff. it's see-through and pretty in its contemporary way. use old, cleaned cans for holding your pencils. use old wine / beer bottles as vases. use mason jars as flower pots or candle holders. etc etc etc. it's about giving a new life to the things you'd throw away otherwise, and finding their specific beauty.
and remember, recycle them when moving out!
on the picture: ex-beetroot mason jar, ex-beer bottle from Berlin, ex-wine bottle, ex-mason jar from my grandma's jam, ex-canned beans, ex-cherry tomatoes box.

reduce the waste.
creating less waste and trying to pollute the Earth less can also be seen as a minimalist thing. so, re-use the packaging. take your own plastic bags when going grocery shopping, or (preferably) avoid using them / having to buy pre-packed products at all. recycle. buy 2nd hand stuff (clothes, decoration, appliances, electronics) - sure, they're not superfresh and new, but they're cheaper and still function just right so why leave them lying somewhere? it's all about the attitude.
considering the picture again: both cameras and the phone are 2nd hand. and work just fine. okay, i did have some problems with the iphone because it was one of those from the faulty series with bad batteries, but i got it fixed at istyle for free.

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  1. vďaka za rady, mňa tiež nedávne sťahovanie (a fakt, že som mala nejakých 5-6 kufrov oblečenia) donútilo si priznať, že som nechutný materialista a začala som sa viac obmedzovať a rozmýšľať nad tým, na čo míňam peniaze. najťažšie je to podľa mňa s knihami a oblečením, ale už sa mi podarilo takmer všetko dať na charitu alebo predať a ostalo len to čo je 100% potrebné. rada si prečítam viac o minimalisme a sťahovaní viac ak máš ešte nejaké tipy :)