CONSUME | fashionable slow down

i had been thinking about it for a long time.
and then, 392 days ago, i finally did it.
i decided to stop buying at fast fashion chains, precisely H&M, Zara, Topshop, Weekday, Monki and other similar shops.
not that i would have been a huge enthusiast of these stores before, but i would shop there every now and then.

anyways, on 11th August 2014, i consciously made my last purchase at H&M, a stupid necklace that started breaking down a few weeks later.
i did not want to support the industry that produces so much of completely unoriginal clothes using cheap (child) labour in horrible conditions and so on.
i have to confess i wasn't 100% fast-fashion-free during that year and something: in the winter, i was in desperate need of tights in Herning and i went to Vila (in fact, when abroad, i have to buy tights at supermarkets because i simply cannot afford some eco high-quality ones so i'm guilty of that too) and i also got socks from Urban Outfitters back in January. (Teva sandals bought at UO don't really count, right?)
but it's a slow process, especially when you particularly don't have the fund$ to fully switch to ethical clothing straight away.

so, where do i buy my clothes from then?
well, most of them are from second hand stores, almost all my t-shirts, sweaters, jackets,...
i'm trying to support local young designers, but it's a pricey thing, so i tend to save up for these garments and buy some just when i really need a certain piece of clothing. (like my jacket last year)
when i really cannot find the desired garment in any second hand and the designer pieces are too much for my budget, i usually get it at American Apparel - yeah, it's a retail chain too, but at least it's sweatshop-free and their clothing is quite timeless, both in terms of quality (at least from my experience) and of style.
you could have read about my struggle with finding the underwear made in Europe here, i luckily solved that, but i'm struggling to find the perfect sock company that would sell comfy, right-height, black, warm socks. if you have some suggestions, drop me a line!
i got a pair of vegan black Dr Martens last autumn, which, i believe, might not have been produced in such a sustainable way, but i have barely been wearing other shoes ever since and they show no marks of being worn out, so at least the high-quality part is checked. and as i've said, i got the Teva sandals as my only summer shoes, which are supergreat too.
(more tips can be found under the 'consume' tag btw)

it's not only about where you shop though.
the main thing, in my opinion, is developing your own certain style, getting rid of the inner pressure to constantly buy new things and being able to get satisfied with less, but of more quality and timelessness.
once you get to this point, it's pretty easy.

i'm not trying to say that this will change the whole problem.
(in fact, if all people stopped shopping at fast fashion stores, it would cause more problems than profits, right?)
but one thing's for sure - an action needs to be taken, and that's what i'm trying to do. to sort of get some message across. deal?