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it's been a while since i got on the sustainable living track, in fact, i have been raised in a sort-of-eco-friendly environment, but only lately, i have started wondering about how sustainable i actually am. is my effort enough? what are my mistakes?

i started reflecting on all my actions and i made this little evaluation of myself.
i probably missed a few things, uh oh, however, i think it's quite a good outcome - and of course, i'll try to work on all the bad habits now, i promise! i'm no zero-waste guru, but still!


+ i only buy non-tested, vegan, preferably natural & organic cosmetics
+ in order to reduce plastic waste, i use unpacked solid shampoo, soap, deodorant and washing powder (i keep them in paper bags / metal containers), eyeliner that is sold in glass container (Alverde), lip pencils instead of lipsticks (only the cap is plastic), perfumes that are solid or packed in glass, bamboo toothbrush, natural pumice stone w/o any handle, stainless steel razor, coconut oil in glass jar, shea butter in metal container etc. (more cosmetics-related posts here, here and here)
+ i only drink loose tea which is mostly packed in paper only
+ i never ever buy take-away drinks (the last time i bought one was a month ago and i gave it to a homeless man sitting outside in the cold at Nørreport)
+ i always carry my water bottle with me - i usually keep on reusing a regular plastic one as long as it's possible; but i'm getting a proper glass one soon! and at home, i use an ex-smoothie glass bottle.
+ most of the time, i have my folding shopping bag and a few thin plastic bags with me in case i need to make some quick grocery shopping fix
+ i buy most of my fruit and veggies at the tiny ethnic stores in Nørrebro > all of them are unpacked and i use my own plastic bags in case i buy more pieces (i love that 'cause it's much cheaper than in regular supermarkets and you get to pick the best pieces yourself)
+ i bring my own food to school every day > when cooking dinner, i prepare double the amount and then bring it in a plastic box to school the next day, i also keep a lot of snacking food in my locker (nuts, bread, avos, apples, bananas, cookies, tea, coffee, salt + pepper,...) and prepare snacks (= smørrebrød, aka the Danish open-faced sandwich) at the school kitchen (we have 3 fully equipped kitchens on each floor) during breaks
+ i try to reduce my food waste as much as i can
+ Denmark has a very good recycling system for cans and (glass / plastic) bottles and i always keep them, return them and then use the money for further shopping. if i stay at school late, i also collect those that other people left lying on the floor, haha (free money!!)
+ otherwise, i recycle all paper and glass i can (you cannot recycle plastic in DK, don't ask, i don't understand either)
+ most of my clothes are 2nd hand, if not, i try to buy them from conscious sources (haven't bought anything from a fast fashion store for over a year now, more here)
+ compared to the people i know, my wardrobe consists of very few pieces since i only buy those items i really need
+ i almost always switch off all the sockets when not using them / leaving home (Danish sockets are not grounded so there's a special switch for them btw)
+ public transport only, always
+ the design course i study has a sustainable approach (sadly i feel like not that many of my fellow students really care about that)
+ i'm a vegan > that itself is a huge eco-friendly step forward


- i do use toothpaste, hair moisturiser, nail polish remover and face moisturiser and fluids that are packed in plastic (at least those from Lush can be returned to their store)
- i also use cotton pads for nail polish removing, q-tips with plastic 'sticks' for cleaning my ears / fixing make-up and face wipes from time to time
- i believe i shower way too long
- i try to wash the dishes in a very eco-friendly way (= cleaning them without water at first, then rinsing all at once) but i sometimes forget
- i tend to turn on the heating a bit too much i think
- i also use plastic sponges for dish washing atm, but i really want to buy a wooden brush soon
- i buy a lot of canned food (approx. 4-5 cans each week) > though, yay, metal and hard plastic recycling has finally been introduced to Denmark!!
- i also buy a lot of packed dry food, like pasta, rice or frozen veggies > the thing is: there is no zero waste food store in CPH. none. wtf, right? but i'd probably wouldn't be able to afford it anyways
- sometimes i fail to persuade the seller at a food store that i really don't want a plastic bag and i end up with storing way too many in my food drawer
- i use regular plastic trash bags instead of disposable ones
- as i've said before, i do not / cannot recycle plastic here in DK (but i always do in CZ / DE)
- i only recycle organic waste at school as my landlords don't have a special trash bin for it
- i still shoot on analogue even though it's not vegan (it contains a thin layer of gelatine) and there's a lot of waste coming out of it > i am reducing my usage drastically though! (i talked more about it here)
- I SMOKE (no chain-smoking though, rather party / stress-induced smoking, but still!)

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