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(originally, i intended to publish this article on 24th to continue in my anti-consumerism mentoring tradition of the past two years but, as you have probably already noticed, i'm not really handling my life well atm, oops)

oh the wonderful Christmas time!
the time we splurge unbelievable amounts of money on things our loved ones might not even want / need, the time we get mad for not getting exactly what we wished for, the time of counting the shiny banknotes given by clueless family members.
i'm saying 'we' because, of course, i am part of that too, and it would be stupid to pretend that i am something better when, in fact, i'm not.
and by 'we', i mean 'our' Western society.

however, it is important to remember that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.
people whose worries are not 'will i get enough money to buy a Macbook?' (and i'm gonna be honest with you - that is what's going on in my head), but 'do i have enough money to feed my whole family?', for instance.
and that is something i would like to remind you.
Christmas is supposed to be the time of giving - so why not give someone a chance for a better life?
the options are countless: you can adopt a child in Asia / Africa, you can donate any amount you want to any charity you like, you can sponsor a new school or hospital,...
i personally like to buy the so-called 'practical gifts' from Unicef. you pay certain amount and you see exactly what you're buying: vaccines, blankets, pencils, pills, toilets, what have you. i think it's great because you can see exactly how your money helped. this year, i bought polio vaccines for 33 children and toilets for a school.

of course, this is not to be done during the Christmas season only.
there's always a way to help, even if you can't afford to give much, (e.g. buy a warm drink / groceries for a homeless person, send a DMS text,...), that can be done on regular basis.
use your privilege / luck and help someone in need.
it matters.

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