ECO | 'natural beauty' essentials

remember the good old 'essentials' posts? i decided to bring the concept back to (finally) bring the ECO section back to life because:
a) i think i've reached a point when i don't need to search for new products as i kinda have all i need atm;
b) i don't have the fund$ to buy new stuff;
c) repetition is never a bad idea.

so here you go, my all-time favourite natural products for 'beauty' and 'health' – for nourishing your body.
and yes, the 'natural beauty' in the headline is put there in a mocking way, because what-the-fuck is 'natural beauty' anyways? just a stupid constructed concept we don't need to follow anymore.


from L to R, top to bottom:
Lush Tea Tree water – for making my face fresher than fresh
anti-headache roll on – for getting me rid of headaches without harmful chemicals
Lush Death&Decay perfume – for smelling so nice everyone is complimenting it
neti pot – for cleaning my sinuses in a super-natural way
green wheat – for giving me power and strength
fresh ginger – for curing colds and low days
old-fashioned razor – for clean cuts and NO. PLASTIC. WASTE.
bamboo toothbrush – for not having a single bit of plastic in it
(any) solid soap – for cleaning my body, smelling nice and not coming in a bloody plastic packaging
pumice stone – for being natural and without any plastic nonsense
Lush solid shampoo – for making my hair nice and being super-easy to transport
coconut oil – for being the best skin care helper ever


  1. prosím, dá se ta věc proti bolestem hlavy sehnat i v ČR?

    1. jojojo, praveze jsem to koupila na nejaky cesky online lekarne – ale uz nevim, jak se jmenovala : |

  2. Zkoušelas někdy hennu z Lushe? :)

    1. neee, jenom hennu jinych znacek a vubec mi nevyhovovala : ( pouzivam Naturtint barvy ted <3

  3. ahoj, prosím, kde můžu koupit tu žiletku? buď jsem slepá nebo tupá? děkuji moc za pomoc, jsi nejlepší, pokračuj v cestě svého přesvědčení! k

    1. luxusni-holeni.cz (lol ten nazev)

      a dekuju <3